What’s causing you stress? What are those things that are making the mind boil and thoughts run wild? We need to figure out what those are first before we can figure out how to destress. Being stressed gets to be too much. It can be exhausting. Stress is also known to cause health problems! If we can figure out how to eliminate stress in our day-to-day, not only will we be happier but we will also benefit in all aspects of our life. We can be more productive, think more clearly, our body will function normally, and we can approach whatever shit life throws at us better.

One thing that causes me stress is my job. Engineering life moves fast, customers expect you to be at their beck and call, and starting my new position as engineering manager I have a lot of people depending on me to make sure things run smoothly. Another stress trigger is running this blog and our ecommerce store. With the pressures of keeping our social media flowing, trying to get you guys fresh content and valuable topics to read about, my plate gets full pretty quick. Not to mention keeping up with my relationship, my family, and myself. My blood pressure is rising just writing about it.

So, coming from a girl whose stress levels are fairly high, I’m always looking for ways to bring my stress levels down. I assume that lots of you also carry a heavy plate, so I wanted to compile my list of ways to destress. It’s imperative to our success to ensure we get a break. The last thing we need is to burn out. Feeling overwhelmed is the absolute worst. It’s mentally and physically draining when we feel like we just can’t do it all. But, I sincerely believe that we can. Doing a self-check from time to time can make all the difference keeping a positive mindset and an elevated motivation.

Your Destress To-Do List

  • Go on a walk – This is my number one go-to. When I can’t figure something out or my thoughts just aren’t flowing like I want them to, I take a break and walk my roommates dog or walk around my facility at work and talk to my technicians. It gives my mind a rest and I usually come back feeling refreshed, ready to take another stab at what I was working on
  • Take a shower, a nice long hot one – This is my number two go-to. There is something therapeutic about taking a moment to care for yourself. Get all the smells from your yummy soaps, hair products, and lather up in your favorite lotion afterwards. Just like trying to align your thoughts when they’re running too fast, cleaning up gives me a sense of starting again with a clean slate
  • Workout, no matter how short the session, just get moving – The mind needs to exercise too. The heart rate needs to elevate. Exercise is world renowned for releasing those feel-good endorphins. Let me tell you, it works every single time. Even if I could only fit in 30 minutes, I walk away from that workout thankful that I gave my body the time it needs away from sitting at a computer or on my phone. Oh, and the sauna afterwards is a dream. Sweat out all the bullshit
  • No shame, have a glass of wine or two – A couple glasses of wine aren’t gonna hurt ya. A nice bottle of red wine actually has some good antioxidants. Don’t beat yourself up treating that hard worked mind and body a little relaxation in a glass. Plus it feels pretty classy. Cheers to us
  • Put on some of your favorite music, the louder the better – Oh my gosh, what would I do without music!? Music is my mood-booster. Throw on the Beyonce, the Cardi B, the deep house beats. Fuel the soul with some good sounds, sing along, and shake that booty your momma gave you. I can’t go anywhere without some headphones
  • Cook yourself a healthy dinner, I highly recommend music to accompany your cook flow – Feeding your body good food feels amazing for all the senses. Your mind feels good knowing your feeding yourself quality fuel, your body feels good absorbing it, and I’m sure your kitchen will smell amazing. Try cooking something new or prep your lunch for the next day. Start a party for yourself and enjoy the time in the kitchen
  • Get those super fresh clean sheets from the dryer and make your bed – Getting into bed with fresh clean sheets is my absolute favorite. Not only do I think it helps me sleep better, there’s something about my dryer sheet scent that just lets me take a huge breath of release finally getting to lie down after a long day (Downy Botanical Mist is the current fav)
  • Go on a hike, get out in nature – Thank Mother Nature for the grand world around us. Getting out in nature is grounding. You get to feel the dirt beneath your feet, breathe in some fresh air, and get a change in scenery. Exploring is exciting and puts at ease all the other reality checks. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and soak in the beauty of our planet
  • Or, find your apartment hot tub & go for a swim – Another favorite of mine. I like to say I’m a part of the hot tub club. Who wants to be in my club?! Swimming is instant relaxation for me. It just feels good. Get that bikini on no matter the season and take a dip
  • Find somewhere in your town that is a prime spot to watch the sunset – Talk about a good time for self-reflection. Sunsets are beautiful. It marks a close to the day. I find that this is my favorite time to reflect on the day while admiring our beautiful sun. This is a good time to practice gratitude, an exercise that helps me accept all the craziness
  • Call your parents/siblings – If they are the kind that will calm you down, give them a ring. I know there are those family members that calling them might stress you out more – don’t do that. Haha. When I’m overflowing from every angle, I like to call my dad. He’s always so calm and makes me feel so much better after spending some time to talk together
  • Read a good book – Take a break from the scrolling and just take time to absorb what you’re reading. I’ve found that it feels amazing to slow down and read at my own pace. We’ve become so accustomed to the constant uploading, new posts, new IG stories – back to back to back. It never stops. Slow down and take in some educational reading. It feels really good
  • Listen to some podcasts – I find it relaxing hearing someone talk to me about something and I can just press play or pause. It also takes my mind off whatever I’m stressing about. I have another blog listing out podcasts I like to listen to. Finding podcasts with topics I enjoy helps me reset my thinking and get a little pep-talk
  • Organize your emails – This might just be me, but I hate having disorganized emails. Clear out that inbox, unsubscribe to those annoying promos and ads. Doing this helps me feel more centered with what I have going on and what I need to do
  • Sit down in a quiet space and write down what you need to do – Stress can sometimes be created unnecessarily. I’m totally guilty of overthinking everything and working myself up for the wrong reasons. Take just a few minutes to sit down with yourself, go through everything your stressing over, make a list, then prioritize and take action
  • Wake up early, like 5am – Okay, not like every morning. I can’t even do that. But, try it one morning. Since its summer, the sun rises pretty early. It’s light by 5:30am, at least here in AZ. Go to a local coffee shop to watch the sunrise and prepare yourself for the day with your beverage of choice, and a notebook or your laptop. Make that list of what you need to do and create an action plan for the day. Nothing feels better than getting a jump start. Plus, I think it’s a good #slaygirl trait to get in the habit of ♡ wink wink ♡

OK, ladies! You ready to lower those stress levels?! If you found this list helpful, I’d be more than happy to know. Better yet, what are some of your favorite ways to destress? Maybe BG should host a destress event. We could all meet up and do something off my list to help us reset. That’s another thing – girls are stronger in numbers. Put the catty shit aside, when like-minds come together and there’s some high quality discussion, count me in.

I’m wishing you all a calm and productive day. Believe in yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to.


Cover Photo by Elisa Valdes