The perfect day surprisingly takes more effort than you may think. Not only does the preparation begin months in advance, a real sun child will appreciate this approach to achieving the highest level of successful days in the sun. Whether this means at the pool, on the beach, floating down a river, or on a boat – hopefully this can give some well-deserved insight to what goes into the best experience of soul-soaking sunshine.

Your Body Prep:

Yes, ma’am. Here’s when you can have Nike preach in your ear, “Just DO IT”. Just get yourself workin’ out and you’ll thank yourself later. Here’s a good all body workout. This can help you feel totally fab when you get to rep your brand new swimsuit┬áthis summer. Not only to boost your confidence, but to show all the haters how much you #slay.

Don’t forget about how us women have to be hair free! Wax that sh** off, or get profesh with that razor.

Your Sun Protection:

You need SPF – I don’t care if you’re black, hispanic, cuban, white, asian – whatever you are, sun causes cancer AND wrinkles. Get a sunscreen special for your face. Protect that gorgeous, flawless face of yours! Then for your body, my favorite recommendation is Banana Boat Tanning Oils. Smells great, 8 SPF gets you a really nice bronze tone, and oils you up for a moisturizing lay-out.

Your Hair Style:

This can all depend on your sunshine-day activity. For the pool, that’s usually low key and you can do your hair however you want. Depending whether you like to swim, you can even glam-up and do that sh** like you about to hit the club. No one’s judging. However, if you’re going to beach or on a boat – be prepared for winds 15+ mph. Braids work great.

Your Sunglasses:

Don’t be blinded by the sun! There are also a stupid amount of options. Find the shape of your face and what style sunglasses look good on you and keep on deck at least 3 different options.

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